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From April 1998 ending data, DynaPred's Nino 3 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) prediction is accessible under El-Nino on the navigational bar above. Narrative text and monthly observed updates are provided for your comparison of predicted and actual observed.  Using current models the Nino3 Predictions were rerun in June 2003 with data ending 199804 as initially publicly presented. A new run was also made in June 2003 with data ending 200304.  These last two predictions are at  NINO3-9805_Nino3-0304 (clickable) with further comments under El-Nino on the above navigation bar.

A free prediction for a Southeastern US marine-coastal transition zone, Georgia Climate Division 5 precipitation, was available 199912-200612.  Narrative text and monthly observed updates were provided.  Effective 20070313, this has been moved to Archives.

Beginning with January 2001, a free prediction for a Pacific Northwest marine-coastal transition zone, Oregon Climate Division 1, is also made available.  Monthly observed updates and brief narrative text are similarly provided.

Beginning July 2002, DynaPred's Seasonal (First Stage) Model output for the continental US is available FREE mid-month for the next month forward.  Graphics and brief descriptive text are provided on a month by month basis by clicking on Seasonal.  A prediction summary from 200207 to within the past year is available under About...Methods...Performance.  Contrast is made to these ongoing 1st Stage Predictions with 200712 marking the end of five years forward and counting.

Beginning with August 2002, a free for public use precipitation prediction of the Floriday Keys NCDC Climate Division 7 is available by clicking on the navigation bar above or on Florida .


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