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20210127. Same Prediction start 200107. Display range extended through 202312. 20190913.Prediction range extended through 202212.Also added correlation for Pred(Nr+Whl)/2 yet not showing corresponding chart source data line.

20140925.  Correlations to Observed over prediction range are first time included.  Note correlations in 0.62-0.65 range for 30yrAVG, 1st Stage Model, Predictions Near and Whole for prediction range 200107-1408, 13 years and 2 months, 158 months, with no data smoothing/averaging.

20130701.  From 201101 initial source data became intermittently available.  Beginning 20130701 with data 201101-201305 the observed data source has been switched to the FNEP-Merged individual station precipitation dataset from Texas A&M University.  Both individual station list (~1MB) and "Merged" (~180MB) are downloadable from:  <http://climatexas.tamu.edu/index.php/data/full-network-estimated-precipitation>

20130520,20130416.  No data for 201304,201303 through these dates.
20130321. FNEP dataset from TAMU source of updated data through 201302.

20120816,-0913.  no data available months 2012 months 1,2,3,7,8. chart unchanged.  20121207.  Missing HPRCC data filled with observed TAMU/FNEP. 20130108.  201211 = 2.30in last available data point; updated as possible. 20130308.  No further updated observed available; expect something by 0315. 20111213.  No data available for November 201111 at posting time.
20110719, Daily data since late April appears current; midwinter to sometime in April gap persists.  20110510.  Data update availability continues to be a problem.  Wet continues as predicted.
20110411.  January 2011 data has remained incomplete and Feb-Mar are missing and unavailable for posting.

20090317.  Sherwood3N North Dakota is the precipitation-only NOAA/NWS cooperative weather station at a US-Canada border station. With input data ending 200106, this prediction was the sole single site prediction Dynamic Predictables presented at a NOAA Climate Services workshop July 22, 2004 in Columbia, Missouri.  This precipitation prediction and its companion climate division (ND01-NW) has been shown at several science meetings (AASC, AAAS) and other public presentations. 

With a predictive model since superceded, the main point is that the general character of yearly and seasonal precipitation can be predicted at monthly time-step and site specific now going on eight years in advance. That part of North America is known for large seasonal and interannual precipitation variation and equally challenging temperatures.

20091117. Sherwood will be updated within next few days.

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